Songs I Will Never Get Tired Of

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Falling Slowly from the musical Once
Since the big take off of those musical competitions on the telly, one of the categories is always a song from a musical and maaaaaaaaany people chose to cover this song. As an emotionally elderly hipster, I would think that I would hate this song after hearing one cover, but there is something inside of me that just... adores the song to bits. Everything from the harmonies to the lyrics is just pure perfection and the simplicity of it is the thing that makes it perfect.

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Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine
It's no secret that this song might as well be proclaimed my favourite song of all time and that Florence Welch is one of my favourite singers on this planet and even though I love everything she puts out, there's so many things to love about this song. There are many things going on in the vocal section and in the percussion section and the lyrics are so dreamy and the video is beautiful and in my opinion, it's the pure gold from them. Even though I don't listen to them all the time, I will always come back to their music.

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Samson by Regina Spektor
Again, such perfection from one singer. There can be songs that have loads of things going on (see above), but there are songs that are perfect just because... they're dead simple. Samson is basically a combination of a dead simple piano melody (trust me, if I can play it... you can as well) and gorgeous vocals and heartbreaking lyrics. It's about Regina's own twist on the legend on Samson and Delilah and basically... just wonderful. She knows how to make the most tragic stories into something a lot more hopeful.

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Unfinished Business by White Lies
...aka, the true party maker at the WL gigs. All of the songs I will mention in this blog post are proper heartbreakers, because this one is about two lovers and one of them is dead, and you get the general idea. It's really sad. But also really hopeful. It's a weird one, how such a sad song can make the biggest party in the history of gigs.

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The Only Exception by Paramore
When someone would mention Paramore's songs, you'd straight up think of these angsty, angry teenage songs about relationships or something, but no. My favourite will always be The Only Exception, just because it's so different to their usual style and basically, I will always have it on my playlist, even if I don't have anything else by them on. This one is probably one of the most perfect love songs and in all honesty, I'm never going to get tired of it.

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Only Ones Who Know by Arctic Monkeys
Although I am reeeeaaaaaaaaally not a fan of Arctic Monkeys anymore (just because I don't dig their style and basically, I'm kind of repelled by them), this one is always on my playlist. Partially because it kind of reminds me of the relationship Amy Pond and the Doctor had in Doctor Who, but partially because it's probably one of their most underrated songs they've done. Yes, I love 505, I love A Certain Romance and Piledriver Waltz and I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, but this one just wins in my book.


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