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I am incredibly sorry for being away for so long, but school has started and I just haven't found a minute of my time to open up my laptop and blog. I have also fallen ill, but I'm gonna suck it up and do this blog post for you, just to make you a tad bit more happy about the fact that autumn is here. Usually, it means colds and anxiety because of school, but it can be a pleasant time of the year and here's the Sweater Weather tag to remind you of those little things that make autumn special.

Favourite candle for the fall?
This year, I've been rocking my Yankee Candle Kitchen Spice tart, but the Home Sweet Home is amazing as well. I think that Yankee Candle generally have the best fall/autumn and winter scents that can really get you into the spirit and they make a nice gift as well. The downside to them is their price tag, but whatever, they're worth it.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
Tea 5 ever. I love any type of fruit tea that is strawberry and vanilla flavoured, but any other black tea will be my love (especially the 7 Parfums by Dammann Freres... now that is something entirely else. Just give it a sniff. Holy fuck. It's expensive, but it's worth it).

Best fall memory?
Even though my memory of fall pretty much consists of panic and anxiety because of school and loads of tests, my favourite memories from fall are of my trip to the Netherlands and the south of France for my fall break.

What makeup trend do you prefer? Do you like a winged eyeliner or a dark lip?
Well, I can't chose. I have finally mastered the eyeliner and I'm so proud of it that I wear it as much as I can, but a dark lip will always be my thing, so I'm guessing both. For the eyeliner, I'm definitely a liquid girl and my favourite is the Essence Eyeliner Pen and it's really jet black and not a tiny bit patchy at all and it's really easy to master, because the nib is quite small and so easy to handle. I've also been trying their metallic eyeliners and they're brilliant (I've got the shade Gold Rush and it just made me feel so Christmassy, even though it's only September). For a bold lip, my choice is the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Red Island and Plum Russian (they're really buildable and just a dream to wear), but also, a dark pink Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon. I needed to throw one in, duh (I'm a creature of habit, kill me).

Best fragrance for fall?
Currently, I'm using up the last little bit of the Christina Aguilera the Signature perfume, but otherwise... Chanel No. 5, Armani Code and Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette.

Favourite Thanksgiving food?
I don't have Thanksgiving here, so my food in general in the fall is just some warm stew or soup... or porridge. Oh yes. Now we're talking. 

What is fall like where you live?
It's usually very rainy and windy and a bit like crap, but we get the occasional sunshine about once a month. 

Most worn sweater?
This beauty from Dorothy Perkins that I got for 10€ for slightly warmer fall days (I wear it indoors and outdoors, because it's got this faux leather collar and some lace details on the shoulders, so it's quite elegant, but it comfortable as well).

I only showed the collar, because the rest is just like an ordinary sweater.
Must have nail polish for the fall?
My regular nail polish choice is usually something berry and gold, but in the winter I get out my deep reds and this year, I found the miracle out of all miracles. It's the Essence Thermo Nail Polish in The Heat Is On. It changes colours according to your skin temperature; it can be bold red, it can be dark red, it can be berry red, just about everything and it covers all bases for me. It's amazing.

Football games or jumping in leaves?
If I get the chance to, then definitely jumping in leaves. 

Skinny jeans or leggings?
Leggings make me look like a pig in a tutu, so let's not do that. I like jeans that are slightly skinnier cut, but not full on, because I have a feeling like I'm nicely tucked in and in the combination with really nice combat boots, it looks amazing.

Combat boots or Uggs?
Combat boots, if Doc Martens can be called that. They're the only pair of shoes that I wear to death in the fall. If I could pull of the Uggs and the ugly Shrek feet, I would, but a) I can't, because of my general body composition and b) holy fuck, where would I get the money? If you can pull off Uggs, go ahead, don't care what others think!

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
Nope. Pumpkin and squash in themselves are brilliant, but as a spice in coffee, I just get sick while thinking of it.

Favourite fall TV-show?
Doctor Who, because a new season comes out each fall! Although I'm also marathoning Pushing Daisies as well and it's the cutest thing ever. Seriously, a crime TV-show has never been more adorable in the history of the world.

Found on the DW Facebook page (otherwise on my board called Fangirls on Pinterest)
Found on breathingbooks.tumblr.com
What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
Currently, anything by One Republic, because I'm seeing them live on the 16th of November with my best friend and I'm getting ready for it and it just reminds me of all the fun I'm going to have. Generally, any Ellie Goulding song for the Divergent soundtrack (so, Dead In The Water, Hanging On, My Blood and Beating Heart).
Found on pinterest.com under the tag "ellie goulding"

And that is it. I'm really sorry for all the absence, but I will be back soon, just let me get into the swing of things. I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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