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OK, this blog post should have gone up in about middle August, because then, it genuinely felt like it was September/October, but for the sake of the rest of the planet, I decided to hold it back until now. The endless days of rain, warm drinks, book reading and studying like crazy have arrived and I know that it can feel like a bit of a pain to get back in the swing of things, so I figured I'd help as well as I can, whether it be in the beauty department or just general life stuff. I really hope that this benefits some of you.

1. Bust out the glitter and the berry shades!
Since it's getting colder, we can say that Christmas is near (and I'm so excited!) and I think that because of that, glitters and darker pinky/berry shades are a must in everyone's makeup routine, whether that be in the eye department or lip department. It just looks so much better, with the days getting shorter and darker, I think that you can't really rock a bang-on orange lip (but if you do, do whatever you want!) and it kind of compliments everything around you. It's just some sort of winter-logic that I think most people share.
For the lips, I would definitely recommend the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Plum Russian (dark, plummy shade, really buildable, if you're afraid of going full on, but still want something a bit darker), the Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon (a dark pink that looks great with everything) and the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Brun Boheme (another dark pink, slightly less everyday appropriate, unless you blot it down, but again, looks great with just about anything). *If you're going to rock a bold lip, you can look a bit dead, so definitely do a nice natural blush to add some warmth back into your skin. 

For the eyes, I think that a lot of people really suit glitter eyeliner, coloured mascara (especially dark purple) and just shimmery/glittery eyeshadows. I like this quad by Essence in To Die For and the Heaven and Earth palette from MUA has loads of shades, expropriate for combining it with a darker lip. If you have any good recommendations for glittery eyeliner and coloured mascara that are per chance cruelty free, then I'd love to hear from you! (I'm trying out the Essence Glitter Eyeliner, but I am still not a 100% sure whether I like it).
*If you're going to wear glittered eyeliner or coloured mascara, then make the rest of the eye makeup really simple (a lid colour or something to deepen your sockets, but nothing more), because otherwise, you're going to look like a Christmas tree (or if that's what you're going for, then go ahead!). Try and make yourself look quite normal, even though coloured mascara and glittered eyeliner aren't normal, everyday items to have on your face.

2. Pack on the oils!
Not talking about food here, but skincare and haircare. Everyone gets dry skin during the winter, no matter what your skin type is, so my recommendation is to switch up the light skincare for a heavier one, so deeper cleansers, richer moisturisers, that sort of thing. Also, use serums and toners, basically, add some extra steps into your routine and your skin will be thankful.
*If you've got combinational/oily skin, don't avoid oils! Adding some extra oil into your skin can balance out its production and change your skin type. Don't be afraid of them! 

3. Layering!
Autumn is a bit of a weird time in the year; it can be bloody freezing or it can turn out to be quite warm from time to time and basically, you can either be dressed too much or too little, you can either boil or freeze. I have the answer to that; layering. It's a godsend that someone figured that out, because now, you're never too cold or too warm. It's freaking fantastic!
By that, I mean: wear tights or leggings under skirts, wear shirts underneath jumpers (if there is a guy on the street with a shirt poking out of his jumper, I swear to god I will want to bang him, because it looks amazing), wear cardigans, all that jazz. You can even look really stylish and handsome in it... ah, layering. Gets you all the bitches.
*Obviously, if you're going to layer, you might want to take a slightly lighter clothes and layer them, because if they're all thick, you're going to boil, no matter how many layers you take off. 

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4. Drink and eat all warm stuff. 
Yes, we all love the good old ice lolly and ice cream, but if you eat them in the winter, the likelihood is that you'll get a cold at the very least, so it's time for loads of warm drinks and just generally warm food. It always feels good to do that after you've been in the cold for a long while. If you're a person that gets cold very easily, I think that eating something warm for breakfast (porridge or just cereals with warm milk) will make you a lot warmer if you're going to walk to school straight afterwards. I'm not a person that gets cold very easily, but I'm happy that I decided to eat and drink warm stuff for breakfast, because you just feel a lot better.
*Also, in the autumn/winter-time, vitamins are your best friends. There are loads of oranges in the stores, loads of citruses- make use of them! Make yourself a glass of fresh orange juice, which will not only help your body fight all the germs, but you will also feel extremely healthy and a lot better.
*Also... a good old autumn treat never killed anyone. Have some fun, bake delicious things, enjoy yourself!

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5. Take time out for yourself!
Whilst autumn can be all nice and lovely, it's also the time of the year when school starts, when everyone's just really busy because of the holidays approaching and it's not a relaxed time, by any means. Those of us at school are learning for our exams before the end of term and it can all be a bit too much, I think it's really important to take a break every now and again from all the studying and it's important to have a schedule; I am really good at working in the day, but not in the evening, so I try and do loads of stuff during the day and have the evenings off and take a break then. What can you do during your break, I hear you ask. Don't ask me for procrastination advice because you're good enough at them as it is.
*I think it's lovely to have something nutritious to eat during the break (like nuts or fruit or something like that)  or just something really, really nice to drink, so either a cup of tea, hot chocolate, coffee, whatever you fancy. A nutritious snack will give you some energy to continue working later on and you'll thank your past self with all your heart. 

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...or if you can't quite get to that relaxed autumnal feeling, have a peep at my Pinterest board called "That Autumn feeling..."


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