New musical discoveries pt. 2!

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Ellie Goulding- Anything Could Happen
I have already known of Ellie Goulding before, she's been on my working-out playlist for a while (because, let's face it, Florence + The Machine won't get your ass moving for shit) and I was generally quite fond of her music and voice, but that was kind of it. I wasn't a crazy fan, until recently, this song came up on the radio and I just... fell in love with it. It's just so energetic and positive and pure amazing and in these days when I'm a bit down, I feel like this is the only thing that will get me to be slightly upbeat. Also, this song (alongside Burn) is my freaking jam.

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Once- Falling Slowly
I have mentioned this song in my Songs I Will Never Get Tired Of post, but I needed to give it another mention, because until about two weeks ago, I haven't heard this song for about 3 years. I don't know how I stumbled upon it, but I'm so happy that I did, because it's so goddamn simple and gorgeous and just all around lovely.

2Cellos- I Will Wait
OK, so I'm kind of cheating again. There's an unwritten rule at our school (we're a musical high school, to put it into some sort of context) and it's that we're all secretly (well, not really) just massive fans of these two guys and I have, again, completely forgotten that they covered Mumford and Sons! The song has gotten a bit boring to so many people, but their version of it is freaking fantastic and I definitely urge you to check it out. (also, their other music is also just... pure gold)

Jet- Are You Gonna Be My Girl
I should probably rename this series into "New musical rediscoveries" or something, because this one is another case of just casually stumbling upon a song you haven't listened to for years and then BAM! You're obsessed with it once more. This is my number one jam if I want to be really pumped up or hyperactive to do something because... just listen to it. You'll get what I mean.

The Hives- Tick Tick Boom
My sister has been a fan of the Hives in her angsty teenagery phase, so I have been aware of their existence, but recently I have been getting into their stuff a bit more and I have just been jamming like crazy to this song, because it's, again, so goddamn uplifting and crazily awesome. Every time they perform this song live, I feel like everyone will just lose their shit and feel like running a marathon, because it's that upbeat.


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