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I am a feminist.

A while ago, I was kind of afraid to say those few words, just because it seemed like a big statement to say in this big world that we live in. I agree with everything that feminism stands for, but actually calling myself one? Nope.  Recently, however, with the big launch of #HeForShe and just generally other well known people talking about feminism more and more, I thought: "Fuck it." It's not something you should be ashamed of or anything, because it's one of the most important topic we need to discuss in modern society... and goddamn it, there are some things I need to say.

The modernisation of feminism. Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Chanel's recent fashion show... I need to talk about all of that, because I feel like my blood will burst out of my veins out of anger every time I even think about it and I need to say something, because it's insufferable.

Starting with the first two. There have been many, many times when the very, very, very fucking dumb side of Tumblr have started proclaiming Nicki Minaj and Beyonce as the "feminists of today" and "really good role models" because "they stand up for women's rights" and shit like that. I will not deny them the latter one, because they have been standing up for our rights and they have been promoting the differences between the sexes and all that, which is all well and good... but to call them "feminists of today"? I call that bullshit. (stick with me for a second).

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Let's start with just... taking a look at any of their music videos. Just... pick a random. Is any of them almost completely naked in it? Is any of them shaking their butt at the camera (we won't talk about it being very obvious and very discrete)? Is any of them being represented as a sex toy or an object of lust or passion in any way? Yes. Oh, god yes. All the time.
In an interview, an Italian theoretic of the Marxist feminism, Silvia Federici stated that feminism has become a sort of pop culture, a kind-of mock to the actual feminism. Women are proclaiming themselves feminist, just because at the moment, it's popular. And this is exactly what this is. I feel like all of the female pop stars (especially the American ones, because man, they really don't understand half of the things going on) are doing this to sell themselves and they don't really know what it means. Like Nicki Minaj's new video Anaconda (worst five minutes of my life), it's apparently an advertisement for feminism... no. Just no.

That leads me nicely to the next thing. They are proclaiming themselves as feminists? Great, it's not a bad thing, like I've stated, it's amazing! We need to fight modern ideas of females being the ones to cook, to clean, to fuck when you're feeling like it... and that's the thing. All of their music videos are representing them as objects of sexual desires, making it seem like it's OK for men to think: "Oh, if I see it in that video, then my girlfriend/wife will surely do that for me. If Drake can get a lap dance from Nicki, why can't I get one from my girlfriend/wife?" AND THAT IS SO WRONG. Jeez. They are so contradicting themselves in their actions, that it completely destroys everything they have said, because once they say it, people will forget it, whereas videos will be around for a very long time and people will watch it weekly/daily, if not even multiple times per hour (I hope not).

In all of their videos, they give us the most medieval idea of female role in society; the object of sexual desire. We all know that throughout history, we've only been used to create offsprings, you don't need me to explain it to you. With videos like these, with performances half naked, twerking at the camera (or Robin Thicke), with photos like that, we aren't moving forward and hoping for the equal role of females in our modern society, we're only making the situation worse and I don't know if people are aware of that.
(also, Taylor Swift isn't helping with crawling underneath a woman that is twerking straight at the camera, and that exact screenshot being the thumbnail of the video... just no. And her audience is full of girls, aged 10. Think about that)

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Don't even get me started on the Chanel fashion show... oh. You want to? ... fuck.
We aren't even going to try and deny the fact that Karl Lagerfeld is a bit of a a huge dick. Stating that nobody wants to see plus size models on the catwalk (being a plus size girl, that's fucking offensive), that he'd rather not have children if someone would tell him that the child wouldn't be genetically perfect... *shivers of anger*
Trying to make yourself likeable to the modern society will in no way help your character, Karl. Changing the side where the buttons are on coats, male cuts of coats and pants and everything in no way contributes to fighting for women's rights.
This segment isn't about the fashion side of the collection, because some pieces are actually quite nice (got carried away there), but... the idea of making supermodels protesting like feminists. I want to smack the person who came up with that around the face.
Supermodels are the most sexually desired people in the fucking industry; posing naked on the covers of magazines, kissing just so sell a fucking perfume... and now this. It's like saying that Sam Pepper is fighting street harassment... it ain't happening. They are in no way the right people to teach us about women's rights. They have the influence, but they have the wrong ideas. (Also, don't fight for women's rights wearing a cardigan and some underpants... I'm looking at you, Gisele).

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And also... the signs... They're fine, most of them. Make fashion, not war! Be your own stylist! Le Jeans Est Androgynous! But there's one... that... just defeats them all, ruins the whole concept of something that could have gone extremely right and even extenuates the modern society's idea of feminism.

Boys should get pregnant too.

If you ask any normal person on the street what they think that feminism is, they will quite highly likely say that they associate it with man-hating and that is so totally not true. Women can be straight and still be feminists. They can be gay and still be feminists. They can be bi-/pan-/asexual, whatever, and still be feminists. Even men can be feminists! Feminism doesn't mean that we hate men. We believe in the equality of both sexes, not the superiority of one... and that's where Chanel fucked it up, big style. They just... ruined it. Ruined the idea of feminism, the essence of feminism. Coco Chanel, one of the original feminists in history, is probably rolling around in her grave. I hope people are aware of that.

I think that a fashion show, where females would protest for women's rights would be a brilliant idea, if they were to take normal females to do it, not sexualized supermodels, who might mark themselves as feminists, but continue to contradict themselves for the sake of money and fame. It could have gone right... but it didn't.

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I have already said in the beginning that quite recently, Emma Watson launched the #HeForShe campaign, encouraging the male and female side to fight for the equality of the sexes and... I'm just going to leave you with the video, because it's the most beautiful thing in the existence. This is the way to do it; without taking compromising photos, without protesting in sexy underwear; do it in front of people that can actually do something, do it at the UN convention. Do it with an honest speech, talk about it... don't advertise it like the latest beauty/fashion launch.

To summon up, feminism is goddamn important and it needs to be discussed in the popular media, but it shouldn't be addressed like the latest fashion or something. It needs to be discussed in a circle of people with those who can actually do something about it and not twerk to some "sick beat", as people call it. Those modern pop stars, who claim themselves as "feminists" should stop contradicting themselves with their actions (compromising photos, dancing, all that jazz) and actually talk and grab our attention with WORDS and not with their perfect body (that's usually... photoshopped). Please, TALK about it, use your WORDS, but not foolish actions, don't make your self the object of sexual objectification, but make yourself the real feminist, not a silly mock.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are you a feminist? If you are, tell me why and if you're not, then tell me as well, because I'm always up for listening to other people's opinions! I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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