A letter to Autumn no.3!

Dear Autumn,

what the hell just happened? It feels like it was only yesterday when I've sent you my last letter (in which I rambled on about everything like the crazy lunatic that I am), when in fact, it was on the 25th of October... and all of the sudden, boom, half of November has flown by. What are you doing, dear Autumn? What's with all the rush?

Well, to be honest, it might be my fault as well. With the tight schedules and busy days (going to school in the dark and coming back to my students' hall in the dark), I feel like I have so many things to do that I don't even stop to think how quickly this year is flying by. It's ridiculous; it feels like it was only yesterday that I went back to school, like it was a week ago from my sweating trip to Dubrovnik... that was nearly four months ago. I don't like that thought.

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I digress, Autumn. Back to business.

I guess I never even told you why all of this is going on, why am I writing you letters. I am not so sure myself, but there are a few things that help it make sense. Even though I am not sure who the hell would even read these, apart from myself, it feels like... therapy in a way. I can write what I want, say what I want, feel what I want, the whole lot. Writing is well known for its therapeutic cons and all that stuff, but to me... it's really changed everything. I can be a very extroverted person sometimes, but it's always about the small things under the influence of a beer or two, but I never talk about my feelings or my thoughts, hidden deep down (I am so introverted about that, I don't even share it with my best friend or my sister). I am afraid of admitting anything, because I feel like everyone will judge me and just... not listen to what I'm saying. You seem like a good listener and I thank you for that.

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I'm also having a bit of a moment of sadness (why should I, I'm gonna see OneRepublic on Sunday, holy shiz), because I feel like this might be the last letter I will write to you, Autumn. Of course, I will continue writing to your sister, Winter, but you're... you're Autumn, one of my favourite seasons of the year. It kind of makes sense to be all melancholic and philosophical during your time of the year. You're you. You're special. You bring ups and downs. You're... perfect.

So, I will trouble you no longer, Autumn. You've got your last errands to run, before the month is out and so do I. December is going to be a helluva month, but... I will remember you for a long time. You brought so many changes, you made my head spin around in all different directions and my heart race and just...made me go crazy. You changed my life for the better... only if for a little while.

You've been good to me, Autumn. Thank you.

xxx Katherine

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