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This year has been very interesting considering makeup; I've really found my routine and the products that I like and I stick to them religiously. For my base, the combination of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation (52 Vanille, review right over here) and Revlon Colourstay Concealer (02 Light) has been a winner. Both provide some serious coverage and glow at the same time, alongside with a decent lasting power. They've basically been my best friend on spotty days and days when I feel like I don't even need makeup.
For eyeshadow, the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, which I will not shut up about. It has twelve hardcore pigmented and blendable shades, which look great on warm-toned skin tones and let's not even get to the fact that it was around 5.99€. It's a winner.

On the lip front, I have been embracing the natural lip and bold red lip. Both of the lipsticks are from Bourjois and my everyday, natural, really highly pigmented and yet really moisturising lip was their Rouge Edition in 05 Brun Boehme. Like I've said, amazing pigmentation, moisture, really comfortable on the lips and it's that typical oh-so-90's shade that many people can pull off. The second bold lip choice is the Colour Boost Lip Crayon in 05 Red Island. I adore this lipstick. It can be really sheered out or really highly layered for a massive pop of colour. When this thing dries out on your lips, you can go through a five-course meal and it'll still be intact (of course, with the help of a lipliner- the one of choice is the S-he Lipliner in 04).
On the mascara front, I've been having a bit of an affair with the Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara at the beginning of the year and whilst it was a good low-budget mascara, it started smudging on me really badly at about the middle of the year, so I felt like an upgrade and I went for the Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Waterproof Mascara. This does everything it says on the tin, but not in the extensive way as it was advertised. The lengthening brush lengthens really well, the volumizing brush gives the volume, but not as much as it was advertised. Still, brilliant for wiggling at the roots and really massaging it in and making sure every eyelash is separated. Would recommend. (Also, doesn't budge while crying or sweating like a pig, comes off immediately with a waterproof eye-makeup remover)

On the cleansing front, I have been trying a few different cleansers throughout the year, but I have always returned to the Eucerin Dermo Purifiyer Cleanser. This is the one thing that will cleanse my skin of excess makeup, mattify it, unclog the pores and strip it of excess moisture without breaking me out. It's just a goody. It's around 12€, but totally worth it.
I have used one toner throughout the year and I still love it to this day and it's the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner. It has tea tree, which is extremely beneficial for blemish proned skin and this just calms down my face when I know I'm going to get a spot... or fifteen.
On the moisturiser front, I have been having a love affair with the Balea Mattifying Moisturiser. I've spoken about this about a million times, so I am not going to bore you for a lot longer, but it basically gives some moisture to the skin and mattifies it. It's a brilliant one and at 2€, you can't go wrong.

As for bath products, I have gotten into three shower gels that I'm still using up and they're all from (surprise, surprise) Lush. I have their Rose Jam shower gel running on its last drops, Back For Breakfast (which I won in a giveaway, all about it here) and Happy Hippy. Rose Jam is a very floral and rosy scent, as the name might suggest. Back For Breakfast and Happy Hippy are both very zesty and revitalising and fresh, although HH is very, very zingy (only has grapefruit in it, whereas BFB has some oranges and honey and lemon in it, so it's a bit sweeter). They all have pretty much the same consistency and they all lather up really well and the scent lingers really well.
On the body moisturising front, again, Lush, kill me. I really loved their Tender Is The Night and Strawberry Fields Forever massage bars, which I have used up, so I don't have them to show you. TITN was very heavily vanilla-scented and was introduced as a Valentine's Day exclusive, but then remained as a pernament product. SFF was a very strawberry and sweet scented product, but they both melted relatively quickly in your hands and moisturised your body really well and the scent lingered around forever. And to give an example, these lasted me six months each, so... definitely worth the investment. You get your money back, I promise.

This year has been a bit crazy concerning books; I have started buying them a lot more (which hurts my wallet quite a bit!), appreciating the puns and use of language and the visual design of them and whilst doing the Summer Book Challenge, there were plenty of new books discoveries, so this will be a rather long list.
From the YA pile, I have seriously gotten obsessed with the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, No and Me by Delphine de Vigan and the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer and from the classical pile, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, A Room With A View by E.M. Forster and Fears by Henrik Ibsen.

It's been a hell of a year for music this year, or more so for my personal musical library. I have been posting a few blog posts called Musical Discoveries and in those posts, I have come to know and absolutely adore Wallis Bird. Her music is so innovative and versatile and there's definitely something for everyone. I have been getting into OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons and Ellie Goulding quite a bit, but if I had to chose my favourite song of the year, it would probably be a tie between Hardly Hardly by Wallis Bird, I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons, If I Lose Myself (the acoustic version) by OneRepublic and  Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding. You couldn't tell that I have a blog about indie music, could you?

Screenshot from an 'I Bet My Life' lyrics video, see here.
Films and TV
Oh good god, this year has been a year of feels and laughter and just oh-my-god,what-is-happening for the film industry. At the beginning of the year (I say beginning... probably something like April), I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier (which was freaking fantastic),  then I saw Divergent (review here and here) a few days after that, leaving The Fault In Our Stars (review here) 'till summertime. I have also seen The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was phenomenal and absolutely stunning and if is probably my favourite film of the year. It was hilarious, it was wonderfully shot, it was sad, the casting was brilliant, the acting was amazing and it's all around a freaking awesome film which I recommend to anyone. Plus, it's Wes Anderson. How can you not expect a good film from him?
As for TV, at the very beginning of the year, we were honoured by the BBC with a pretty fantastic gift for the new year... the return of Sherlock. Oh my good god. It was everything I wanted from the series; they kind of messed with our heads as to how Sherlock survived the fall (and the Sherlolly ship has sailed!), how John's been coping, how they portrayed Mary as liar, the two second return of Irene Adler, the wedding, the return of Moriarty, everything. It was phenomenal. Definitely my favourite show of the year. (Honourable mentions go to The Musketeers and Doctor Who, because Capaldi as cardinal Richelieu and the Doctor is everything I have wanted since forever).

Found on onceuponawildflower.tumblr.com
Found on skreened.com
First off, the first thing that 2013 lacked was definitely... concerts. I went to none. There wasn't a single good band in Slovenia and I felt like I lacked something. A lot of fun, that was. I have gone through the first half of 2014 believing that this year would be... identical in that aspect, but then OneRepublic announced a date in Ljubljana and I bought myself and my best friend a ticket and off we went (you can read all about it here). It was a phenomenal gig; sold out venue, amazing energy, amazing performance and all around a chance to have a great time.
The second gig, however... I was a bit more excited for than I'd like to admit. I saw 2Cellos, which is a Slovenian/Croatian duo of two freaking fantastic cellists, who play classical music, as well as pretty fantastic covers of pop/rock/etc. songs. I haven't jumped so much in my entire life and standing in the front row, right next to the speaker, pretty much two metres away from them... totally worth the temporary deafness. (Plus, I got to meet them in their meet & greet, so... again, totally worth it).
If you ask me about which one was my favourite... I have no idea. They were both amazing.
In travelling, I haven't gone to any exotic locations as such, but I went to Dubrovnik and my little fangirl heart damn well nearly exploded. Sorry, you don't take a Game of Thrones fan into King's Landing and expect her not to fangirl the fuck out. I loved every second of the sweating-hot trip there and I think that it was my favourite trip of the year. (You can read all about it here!)

...and that is it for this year. It's been a whopper, I've had some fantastic times and some not so fantastic, but we got through with them and I think it's been a fantastic year. I hope you've had an equally great time in 2014, but if you haven't, then 2015 tomorrow, so have yourself a clean slate. I shall see you in my next post, but until then... Happy New Year!
xxx Katherine


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