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1. When did you start to become a fan of Doctor Who?
About three years ago, just as series 6 was airing, a classmate at my school did a presentation on it and I thought: "Hmm, this looks like fun, I'm gonna see if it's any good!" and then I fell down the rabbit hole into the land of tears and feels and Tumblr. Thanks, man!

2. Favourite Doctor?
I refuse to answer this question, because all of the Doctors are freaking fantastic. There is something to love about each and every one of them and they all have their downsides and upsides, so I won't even try and chose a favourite.

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3. Favourite companion?
It's a tie between Rose Tyler, Donna Noble and Clara. I have a lot of favourite one-off companions, but if I had to chose, these three are my favourites. 

4. Favourite episode?
Blink, because it's so terrifying, it introduces the Weeping Angels and strangely enough, I love the fact that the Doctor and his companion didn't have that big of a role in the episode; it was more about Sally figuring the Angels out and trying to save herself and others without the help of the almighty god. I think it also goes to show that sometimes, the Doctor can underestimate our power. We don't need saving all of the time.
(That, plus The Girl In The Fireplace, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Asylum of The Daleks, Doomsday, The Parting of The Ways, the season finale of series 4... yeah, I love Doctor Who a lot)

I've had this sitting on my laptop for ages, if you know the credits, let me know!
5. Least favourite episode?
To be honest, I am not a fan of any of the episodes centred mainly around River Song, just because I don't like her (there are still episodes that she's in and I love them, but those talking almost exclusively about her... no thanks). I think they've dedicated so many of them to her and they've messed up series 5 and 6 because of her (because Matt Smiths' Doctor could have had so many better episodes in the place of those evolving around her). 

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6. Least favourite companion?
As I've said, River Song and *going controversial* Martha Jones. I don't feel like she's a badass, I think she's a moaner, to be honest. She always says she's in love with the Doctor, but I don't feel like she's really in love and she kind of exploits it and misinterprets her feelings.  And just her attitude... I feel like she's a person I would not get along with in real life. 

7. Least favourite Doctor?
I refuse to answer the question, because I love them all.

8. If you are given the chance to become a companion, why kind of companion would you be?
I feel like I'd be a very bipolar companion; on one side, I'd be really curious about the universe and I'd want to learn more about it and explore it to bits... but then when danger would approach, I'd probably say: "What do you mean, I have to run?!"

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9. Greatest monster you've ever seen in Doctor Who?
The Weaping Angels, Daleks, Cybermen, the Silence, the Siren, and all the cyborgs (especially the ones in Deep Breath... goddamn it, they were fantastic!). 

10. Worst monster you've ever seen in Doctor Who?
Oh good god, the Pig Slaves in Daleks of Manhattan, God, they are so cringy. Believe it or not, I wasn't a big fan of the Spoonheads, either. But in reality, the Pig Slaves... good god. Who the hell came up with them?


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