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...the post-Christmas sales will be the death of me. My beloved roommate dragged me into Zara this week and I don't tend to shop over there, because it's too darn expensive for me and plus, they deny the existence of plus-size people (or at least I've never been able to find a size of anything to fit me). Anyway, as she pondered around the TRF department, I pondered around their perfume counter. I've heard that their perfumes are brilliant and really cheap, but as I was faced with a wall, full of perfumes from top to bottom... I was a bit overwhelmed. Aaaaand... lowering the price for two or three euros didn't help. In the end, I decided for this bad boy.

Here's all you need to know.
  • 6.95€ (full price)
  • 30ml a bottle
  • Eau de Toilette
  • The product and the ingredients are cruelty-free (according to their website)
  • Comes in a rollerball version (10ml a bottle for 3.95€)
Straight off to the packaging; recently, they did a bit of a revamp of all of their perfumes and I am quite a fan of some of their bottles, but this one is a bit bizzare. It comes in a round-shaped, see-through bottle with a black lid (that, for some reason, reminds me of a screw for some reason... anyway). The lid on this beauty is a bit crap, because it comes off very easily and if you're carrying this around in your bag, at some point, you will look for the lid, because it most likely came off. (I know, I know, use a freaking Travolo, but I'm not giving 15€ for a tin can of air). The spray-lid works really well and it delivers quite a generous amount of perfume onto your hand/neck. 

Speaking of, the scent itself. It's a very womanly, elegant, chic, almost a bit sexy kind-of scent. It's very musky and according to their website, it's a part of their oriental range of perfumes. Also according to their website, the base notes for this perfume are musk and vanilla (definitely can sense that), middle note is cinnamon (which I personally can smell a fraction) and the top note is orange (which is also detectable). 

As for the lasting power of this perfume. Because it is cheap, people usually expect it to be very short-lived, but I personally am not quite so disappointed. Over the day, I had to top up maybe 3 times, which is very little, considering that with my Burberry perfume (which is about 50€ more expensive), I have to top up at least 2 times during the day, so this one came in very close. For the price, it last very well. Also, the Burberry is an eau de parfume, whereas this one is eau de toilette, so it is expected of it to be a bit less long lasting. 

All in all, gorgeous scent, really affordable price tag, a massive selection of perfumes (with a price tag of 10€ at the highest), there really is something in for everyone at the Zara perfumes counter. I would definitely recommend this perfume if you're after something a bit more womanly and musky for yourself or for your loved one, because the packaging really makes it look like a more expensive product, whereas it was merely... 7€. 4/5 from me. 

I shall see you tomorrow with a book and film review (good god, I haven't done one of that in ages) and I hope you have a great weekend! 
xxx Katherine


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