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Yes, I will admit, I heard of this band through Tumblr from their beautiful video for their single Take Shelter, featuring the ever so lovely Emily Browning and it seems like that hipster underground band (that's making it big) that everyone has heard of, apart from me. Now, I'm beyond happy that I got the chance to hear something about them, because, let's face it, this might be the electronic/upbeat band that you need to have on your playlist.

Years & Years are a London based indie electronica trio, formed in 2010. Currently, they're signed to Polydor Records, which, if you don't know, represent most of the British musical scene (alongside with the likes Queens Of The Stone Age, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kaiser Chiefs, White Lies and Bright Eyes). However, if the information about their record label do not interest you, maybe the band members themselves will, most importantly, their lead singer. If you're a fan of the Skins Pure (series 7) and God Help The Girl, maybe you'll recognise the absolutely amazing talent of Olly Alexander. Damn. That guy can act and sing like it's nobody's business.

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Have I got your attention? Great! Let's get this party started!

If I start with the music, let's just say that it's an interesting combo. In their small creative opus, they've created a lot of music with the sort-of 1990's sounding keyboard electronic elements, including some minimalistic bass in the background (which you might find with the likes of The XX and London Grammar), combined by a hell of a lot of drums and a killer beat in the background (which you might almost find with the likes of Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic and Calvin Harris). However, the lack of ridiculous and absolutely worthless song lyrics (replaced with some very amazing ones) and the lack videos, full of butt shaking in your face is perhaps the weirdest, yet best working combination of modern day electronica and indie pop that I've ever heard.

Currently, they have 5 EP's out (Traps, Real, Take Shelter, Desire (Remixes) and X&Y), alongside with 6 singles. If you asked me to give you song by Years & Years to listen to and get hooked, then please, for the love of god, listen to Desire and come back when you're kind of obsessed with their sound and music and hope to god that they'll release an LP really soon.

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I plan to make this a regular series where I'll present a band that I've been loving lately in as little words as possible and perhaps make my blog a bit more regular. Let's call it "New Musical Discoveries Dissected", shall we? Just kidding, I hate biology as much as the next person, let's not get too nerdy over here. I'm sorry I've been away for nearly two weeks, but I've been in a bit of a writing block, but I will try to upload more on the weekends, because let's admit it, I'm crap at being regular. Anyway, I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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