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Imagine Dragons- Amsterdam
I'm sorry, lover, I'm sorry I bring you down. Well, these days I try and these days I tend to lie. /.../ But the rain won't fall for the both of us, the sun won't shine for the both of us. Believe me when I say that I wouldn't have it any other way. /.../ Your time will come, if you wait for it. It's hard, believe me, I've tried, but I won't wait much longer, cause these walls keep crashing down and I keep coming up short. 

The times we had, oh, when the wind would blow with rain and snow were not all bad. We put our feet just where they had, had to go, never to go. /.../ And I will love to see that day, that day is mine, when she will marry me outside with the willow trees and I play the songs we made, that made me so and I would love to see that day, that day was mine. 

My house in Budapest, my, my hidden treasure chest, golden grand piano, my beautiful Castillo. You. Oh, you, oh, I'd leave it all. /.../ My friends and family, they don't understand. They feel they'll lose so much if you take my hand, but for you, oh, you, I'd lose it all. /.../ Give me one more reason why I should never make a change. Baby if you hold me, then all of this will go away. 

Imagine Dragons- Amsterdam (my photo, my edit)
The Wombats- Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
Astrophysics, you'll never be my closest friend. I find no comfort in what my mind can't comprehend. Finally, I work out what it takes. It takes money and aeroplanes. If you love me, let me go back to the bar in Tokyo, where the demons from my past leave me at peace. I'll be animating every night, the grass will be greener on the other side and the vampires and wolves won't sink their teeth, I'm sick of dancing with the beast. 

Boy & Bear- Mexican Mavis
Cos they came out of the sunshine, flowers nestled in their hair, see, they've been stumbling on the backstreets, honey. I won't give in, no, I won't give in cos my love's not a limit. /.../ So won't you keep from the beggars of bones, for the night comes to bring them home. If they manage to keep safe skin, he'll call for her, she'll call for him. 

We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout. We've been talking 'bout Jackson ever since the fire went out. /.../ Well I'm going down to Jackson, go ahead and wrap your hat. Go play your big hand, you big talkin' man and make a big fool of yourself and go to Jackson. Go comb your hair. Honey I'll snowroad Jackson. See if I care. 

Barcelona, I still long to hold her once more, oh. My boots of leather, from Europe, I gather you know. /.../ A man sang in a foreign tongue,I still ache to know the song that he sung, Barcelona. /.../ Every time you have to go, shut my eyes and you know, I'll be lying right by your side in Barcelona. 

Boy & Bear- Mexican Mavis (photo found on and my edit)
One day, we're gonna live in Paris. I promise. I'm on it. I'll find you that French boy, you'll find me that French girl, I promise. I'm on it. So go pack your bags for a long haul, we're gonna lose ourselves, I promise! This time it's you and me forevermore. And every night, we'll watch the stars, they'll be out for us. And every night, the city lights, they'll be out for us. 

As if it wasn't enough that I was always there for you, I will always wait. It's a sunny day, I built a house for you, I've gotten my own car, I've gotten my own style. I've gotten older, see, I've gotten lovely friends, but nothing's free, so I wonder... I'm living in L.A, won't you come some time, waking up and smiling times. You make me fall out of line and into love. 

They all need something to hold on to, they all mean well. Pay your respects to society giving me hell, you could never feel my story, it's all you know./.../  May your dreams come to reality. If all else fails, give up, we needed the company, let's drink to your health. /.../ I will not fold, she's in control. I will not fold, she's in control of everyone and everything. 

Friendly Fires- Paris (photo found on and my edit)
I've just had the craziest week, like a party bag of lies, booze and then deceit and I don't know why I want to voice this out loud, I think it's therapeutic somehow. So I'm moving to New York cos I've got problems with my sleep. And we're not the same and I will wear that on my sleeve, so I'm moving to New York, cos I've got issues with my sleep. Looks like Christmas came early, yeah, Christmas came early for me. 

Tessa Violet- Tennessee
Down an old dirt road where there's nowhere to go but into you, into you. By the willow tree where it's just you and me, we'll say "I love you," "I love you too." /.../ We'll take to feet and we'll race up the street. I will call you a cheat for beatin' me out. No need for coats when it's never cold, but I want you to know I will still hold you close.  Meet me in memory in Tennessee, where the sky is filled with stars and your heart is filled with me. Heat meets the night and your kiss with me, you'll always have my heart in Tennessee. 

George Ezra- Blind Man in Amsterdam
Well one and two and three and four walk past the man so fast, the audience kept moving on, ignoring the cast. I found 50 heavy currencies and dropped it in his tin. He said: "When your adventure ends, your next one will begin. When this adventure ends, your next one will begin."


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