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So recently, I have changed up things in my routine a bit; I have started using different products and I've even introduced a new step into my skincare (which is quite something for me, being a creature of habit). When I ran out of my Lush Tea Tree toner (still a good investment, the same big bottle lasted me for around 10 months, which is crazy if we count in the fact that I've used it every single day), I wanted to go for something a bit more affordable, so I went straight in for the Nivea Aqua Fresh Toner Water for normal and combinational skin. It's around 4€ and I find it to do the job of refreshing the skin and making it softer just fine. It has a light fragrance to it, but it doesn't effect my skin in the slightest.
A new step that I've introduced into my skincare routine is serum, believe it or not. My sister has been using the Balea Aqua Serum for a long while and with both of us being combo girls, I was quite sceptical about adding another layer of moisture into my skin, BUT this is a miracle worker. It makes my skin so soft and wonderfully prepped and it's just... wonderful.
Another product that I've been loving recently is the Afrodita Cosmetics Clean Phase Cleansing Foam. What a mouthful. It's basically a gentle makeup remover in a foam. Some people really don't like foams to remove makeup with, but this does wonder. Again, it's aimed at combo skin with acne, this is the most gentle cleanser I've ever used and two pumps of the stuff will remove foundation, eyeshadow and eyebrows like no other.

Bedding underneath from IKEA
Still, I won't go rubbing it into my eye, so lord behold, I've been reunited with the Bourjois Express Eye Makeup Remover. Another one of those dual-formula makeup removers, but perhaps the best one of the bunch. Nothing removes waterproof mascara just like this one, so please, if you can get your hands on the stuff, then do. Every other makeup remover can just hide away
I feel kind of bad including a product you can't get hold of anymore, but screw it, I will. The Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub is all in all amazing. It was their Valentine's Day Special, so I'm sorry for that, but I still need to include it, because Lush lip scrubs are a thing of dreams. I've spoke about them over and over, but I won't go into too much detail again. Basically, this is a mix of their Mint Julips and Popcorn lip scrub with some other flavours as well and it tastes like a cupcake and it's amazing. I love it.
Off to haircare and the first product I've fallen in love is the Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo in the scent Blush. All the love about it is completely true, because this makes my hair smell like I've just washed it, it gives it such 'oomph' and volume like no other and the white residue fades off very quickly, so it's OK to use it in the morning as well as in the evening. All in all, a fantastic product, definitely worth the buck.
The last haircare product that needs mentioning is the Schauma Fresh It Up! Hair Oil. Now, with oily hair, it's kind of dangerous to use hair oils on them, but this whole set (along with the shampoo and conditioner) has completely changed my hair and I can freely use a hair oil on top. Basically, this makes my hair look a lot more nourished and healthy. A favourite, just the same!

Forgive the accidental colour coordination, I'm a sucker for it!
Shock horror, I have only one makeup favourite this month and it's a lipstick. The Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in Wood You Love Me is basically... my dream come true. I thought I could never pull off nude lips like the Kardashians or something cause I've never found the perfect shade... until this one came along. It has a perfect mixture of brown and pink. It doesn't really do much to the lips, it only enhances their natural shape, stays on for yonks (hence the name), smells fantastic (think MAC lipsticks, but sweeter-like vanilla) and works amazingly with any eye look. With such a sleek packaging and an amazing colour range, you're going to find one that you like love.

I have three TV-shows that I've fallen in love with recently, which is really bad during school season, but screw it. The first one is Broadchurch and I'm kind of amazed that it's taken me so long to finally watch it, but I'm so glad I did, because it's amazing. It's set in a tiny seaside town in Wessex, where literary nothing happens... until one night, a little boy gets killed and the story unravels. It's for all the Doctor Who fans, because David Tennant is absolutely wonderful in this and it's just... mindblowing. During the final episode of season 1, I was just like the OMG cat all of the time.

The second is another criminal series and it's Bron or The Bridge. It's the original Swedish/Danish series that inspired the American/Mexican version and then the British/French, etc. One night, on the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo, a body of a local politician is found. A half on the Danish side, a half on the Swedish side. Which police will then investigate? Both of them. It's an amazing show, full of such amazing characters; you just fall in love with Saga, who's the main protagonist. She's just so awkward and determined at the same time and the other characters are just fantastic. However, don't watch the show if you don't have a strong stomach!

And then, the final one... The Musketeers. Need I say more? Season two finished on Friday and yeah. I love it. All the female characters are basically amazeballs and yey, feminism and oh my god, heartbreak! It's been a wild ride and I've been loving it. I don't know whether it will come back, but with such an ending, I kind of doubt the BBC would cancel it (well... we all thought that cancelling Merlin was a fun Christmas prank, but apparently not)


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