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Organisation and concentration are two of the things I've been struggling ever since the pressure in school got bigger and bigger. Middle school was all about "you have to study really hard to get to that high school you really want" and now high school is just "study even more to pass your Slovenian equivalent to the A-levels, because otherwise YOU'RE A FAILURE!" and it's getting on my nerves beyond belief. Because our teachers and parents and friends put so much pressure on us, students, we're sometimes very confused and with the amount of studying you have to do, you just don't know where to start.
Now being in my second year of high school, I think I have kind of got a lot of problems with organisation and concentration down. I believe that a lot of these things could possibly benefit to other fellow students out there, so here we go.

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Nice and early
It is somewhat scientifically proven that we tend to be more productive in the mornings, so I suggest you try and stick to that. So, I suggest you go to bed nice and early the evening before the intensive studying and wake up nice and early (by that I don't mean 6 o'clock. Maybe something like 8. Nice and...normal). I think it makes you feel a lot more satisfied when you've done so many things and look at it, it's not even noon! Basically, it makes you feel productive.

I was never the one to do lists, but in this school year, I have really gotten into it. There is just nothing quite as satisfying ticking off so many things to do. Plus, it makes it so much easier to divide your time and actually spend it well... and not spend half of it on Tumblr. Like, seriously. There is no sadder thing than an un-ticked list, full of things you haven't done.

Reward yourself!
I think that we often forget to reward ourselves after doing so much work. Partially, I believe, because we feel as if we haven't done anything. There are always so many more things to do, but on the other hand, you have done a lot of things up until that point and I think that calls for a treat. Whether it be a bite to eat, a nice drink, a YouTube video, a walk outdoors, anything, I feel like it can really help boost your productivity, because sometimes, we just cross all lines and we really need a break.

Good food
I have touched the topic of food slightly in the previous point, but I think it needs further discussing. At the point of studying, the last thing you want to be putting in your body is junk food. Nuts, wholegrain crackers, fresh fruit and vegetables, anything like that will really help you keep your concentration. As for drinks, some people recommend things like herbal and green teas (if there's a difference, let me know, because personally, I can't tell it) and fresh juices and mostly water, but I have also found that smoothies are a good way to go. If you're stuck on a recipe, don't worry. You can throw anything into a smoothie and you can hardly go wrong (or just search 'smoothies' on the BBC Good Food website). Plus, it tastes amazeballs and it gives you the feeling of being full for a little while.

Know your limits
As far as I'm concerned, I'm still guilty of not knowing when I've had enough. Sometimes we still push ourselves to our absolute limits and it gets to the point when everything you read and repeat in your head doesn't make any sense in your head. That usually guarantees that you won't remember the information. Trust me, I've been there. Everyone has. When you feel like your eyes will close and you'll fall asleep and when everything is just flowing by you, stop. I know there are so many things to get through, but things will only be worse if you continue. You will do much more damage, so please, for the love of god, STOP.

Stop...and reward yourself. My reward is usually a cup of tea and a midnight feast with my roommates.
I know I have gone a bit awol on this blog in the past few weeks, but that is simply because I needed a break from the internet and blogging (I had a bit of a bloggers' block). However, in the past few weeks I have got some exciting-as-fuck news. In June, I will be attending InMusic festival in Zagreb, which means I will be seeing Florence + The Machine (for the SECOND TIME OMFG), Franz Ferdinand, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, La Roux, Of Monsters and Men, Frank Turner, Placebo and many more bands, meaning... a hell of a lot of blogging. I promise you that!
Now, I'm back, I have a few ideas for my blog posts and I definitely promise more regular updates, so watch this space and I shall see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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