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The nudes
Bear it in mind while you're reading this section, my definition of nude has been very different to the usual one (well, until recently). My kind of nude is a very dark brown-nude-pink kind of shade. Until fairly recently, my go-to nude that I still rock out all the time (because it's just that great) was the Bourjois Rouge Edition in Brun Boheme, the one that I go on about all the freaking time. I'm sorry. The bullet is down to its last legs and why's that? Because this is crazily pigmented, moisturising as hell, long-lasting and it just compliments any eye-makeup look I'm going for. Big thumbs up.
The recent competitor to the Brun Boheme is the Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in Wood You Love Me. Now, this is the more typical nude shade by the belief of many. For me, it has just the right amount of pink and brown in it not to wash me out and it's basically all kinds of awesome. For a lipstick this moisturising, this pigmented and this cheap (it comes at the 4.29€ mark, I think), it's definitely a winner.
A lipgloss I wish I used more often is the Essence XXXL Longlasting Lip Gloss Matte Effect in Nude. Longest name in the world. This lipgloss is very similar to my lip colour, so it doesn't pop up really strongly on my lips (so it's kind of a nude for me), but I've seen it on other people and it's ridiculously pigmented. It's very comfortable, it doesn't feel sticky or tacky on the lips, however, it's a gloss, so you need to apply it more times. But still, a good product. Also, looks wonderful on top of Brun Boheme and Wood You Love Me.
A product that I push into the background is the Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon. When I bought this, I was over the moon, because it's almost the same shade as the Bourjois lipstick (and it fits me amazingly) and I wasn't distracted by the bits of shimmer in it, but when I put it on nowadays... I am not a fan of it, at least for everyday use. If I'm going out or on a fancy event, sure, this comes in wonderfully and the formula itself is wonderful, but the shimmer... ah. No. Remove it and it's a gorgeous product, but the shimmer just gets me.

Let's take a second to appreciate the fact that I own about 4 lipsticks that are vaguely the same colour. #mybad
The bolds
You all know I love my bolds, so let's get going. The first bold lipstick that I ever bought was the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Red Island, still love it to this day. A wonderful sheer red that can really be build up on top of a lip pencil and it can last for yonks. It can be a bit drying, so I recommend preparing the lips beforehand.
The next one is the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Dare To Wear. This is one of their matte lipsticks and for the low pricepoint (something like 2.5€), it's pretty freaking great. It has a bit of a plasticy smell to it (once it's on the lips, you can't really tell) and it can be a bit drying, but yes, solve it with prepping the lips beforehand and it'll work brilliantly.
My first ever high-end purchase was the MAC Russian Red Matte Lipstick (review here). This thing is perhaps the most pigmented and long-lasting lipstick I have ever bought. Unlike my other reds, this doesn't feel drying at all, even though they're apparently supposed to be, but I haven't had the issue with it. Is it worth the price tag? ...let's not deny it. Yes.
The last red lipstick in my collection is an oldie, the Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick in Rouge Glamour. This is probably the darkest one in the collection, because it has a lot of purple undertones in it, but still... it's fantastic. I can imagine it being one of those lipsticks people wore in the 1950's, because it's a straight up blue-toned red (all of the mentioned are!) and it's so wonderfully comfortable to wear. I don't know whether these are still available, but whatever, they're still awesome.
A blue bold that I've been loving in the autumn was the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Plum Russian. On top of a purple lip liner I'll talk about in a second, this gives the biggest pop of colour on the planet and with a gold smokey eye, this is a wonderful look to go for on a night out. Requires a bit more maintenance, but it's still gorgeous.

The lipliners
My lipliner of choice for underneath reds is the S-he Lipliner in 04. On its own, the lipliner is not that good, because it applies very dryly and patchy, but if I moisturise my lips like hell before applying this, it glides on like a dream. Because it's so dry, it makes anything I put on top stick on for yonks, so it kind of wins.
The lipliner I wear underneath purple lipsticks is the Essence Lipliner in Honey Berry. This,on the other side, glides on like a dream. It's so soft and creamy and really makes anything I apply on top look absolutely wonderful and a 1000 times more pigmented. It's a good-un'.

The ones that got left behind
The Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Coral Calling. What was I thinking when I bought this lipstick? It even looks horrible on my hand, let alone on my lips! The formula is wonderful, but for the love of god, Katherine, you can't pull off corals, for the billionth time, get it in your head. It kind of makes me look like a cheap whore and shock, horror, I even have a blog post up on it, which I will not link up anywhere.
The Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Womanswear... the formula itself is wonderful and really long lasting as well (I can't get it off completely with waterproof makeup remover... crazy or what?), but I have to feel really brave to wear this lipstick, because it's a bright pink with flecks of purple and gold shimmer. I really need some balls to wear this lipstick. Why the hell did I buy this colour? Come on, Katherine.


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