InMusic 2015 | Day 1

What a day. Holy fuck, what a day.

At half 7, the first act I (partially) caught was Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. I say partially because the traffic fucked me up good and I got to see the last five songs. Still, it included one of my absolute favourite songs of his (Four Simple Words), so I kind of survived. The energy at this concert was absolutely phenomenal. He is such an extraordinary performer that give so, so much energy into his show, making everyone dance along, even if you don't know every single word to the song. It really looked like the crowd was having fun and most importantly, it looked like he and his band had a blast. It was an amazing show and the next time he is anywhere near me, I want to see him do a full length show. Seriously.

In the meantime, I kind of sat by the side and just listened along to concerts given by Paolo Nutini and Future Islands. I am not the biggest fan of their music, but they still made it wonderful to just sit on the grass and listen along.

However, the star of day one was perhaps the one I've been looking forward to the most and that were Franz Ferdinand & Sparks. Apparently, it was their first concert as a supergroup ever and holy shit. The only thing I can say is that they were awesome. If it really was their first show together, then they were really ridiculously professional, because the show went really smoothly, without any failures or anything and it was a joy to watch. They mostly played songs from their new album that they recorded together, alongside the appearance of Do You Want To, Take Me Out and Michael from Franz Ferdinand's previous albums. Their energy was so contagious, their performance was really strange and really bizarre, however thoroughly enjoyable and again, even if you didn't know the lyrics, the songs were absolutely brilliant to dance along to. If the set were longer, then I'd love to hear some more of FF's older songs, but you know, I'll go to their show in the future and dance like a lunatic.

-The trams that ride throughout Zagreb are ridiculously slow and they stop at every stop and they're ridiculously close together. If you want to come on time and see some bands, go even earlier than you plan.
-InMusic can be a semi-muddy festival, so bring both sandals, Converse and Wellies.
-Drinks are pretty expensive; if you plan on drinking, then be warned, one beer is a little less than 3€ and water is little less than 2€.
-Same goes for merch.
-Use taxis to get back to your hotel. Much more efficient and quick and not so expensive. (example: a ride for four people to the other side of the city was about 8€)


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