InMusic 2015 | Day 2

Both photos found on the InMusic Facebook page, none of them belong to me.
Due to the horrendous weather condition, there were only two bands I got to see live yesterday. The first one was Death Cab For Cutie. The weather, like I said, was absolutely horrible; it rained like fuck and it was almost unbearable and it didn't look like it was going to get any better any time soon. Because of that, the crowd was really sparse and it was probably not as a successful day as it could have been, however, the band was amazing. Even though it was raining cats and dogs, they delivered with amazing energy, performance and a great song sellection; it wasn't the happiest, but it was still pretty amazing. The band performed amazingly, they all apologized for the rain and it was still really nice.

The second act of the evening was La Roux, which kind of brought us all up a bit. The show was a bit more bouncy, which made us forget about the rain for a small amount of time (and it was getting worse and worse by the minute). If you don't know La Roux's music, it is basically pop with a kick of electronic and it was all happy with songs such as In For The Kill, Bulletproof and I'm Not Your Toy. It was a wonderful gig, but all I wanted to do was... go home and dry out and sleep.

-Nobody gives a shit how you look.
-Bring the wellies. Nobody cares if you look like a peasant.
-Bring all the warm clothes; warm jeans, warm socks, sweater, everything. I know it's June, but it doesn't feel like it when it's pissing on your head and you feel like you're standing in the shower, wearing all the clothes,
-For the love of good, forget the fucking festival trends with the flower crowns and kimonos and everything; you will hate yourself if you make use of them.
-Umbrella's rock.
-Nobody even remotely cares how you look.


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