InMusic 2015 | Day 3

Yesterday was just as it should have been; sunny, cold and muddy and absolutely fucking wonderful.

The first act I got to see was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It was strange to see them performing at such an ungodly hour (well, at half 7 in the evening), but oh my good lord. I've kind of gone off of listening to them, but now, I've been reminded why I like them so much. Their music is for the ones that perhaps like the latest album of Arctic Monkeys, only this is infinitely better. It is so ridiculously darker-ish and rock'n'roll-ish, but so sexy at the same time and I absolutely adored them. They perform amazingly well, the only issue I've had with the main stage was that the guitars were amplified really strongly and I had some problems with hearing the vocalist. (That was with all of the acts on the main stage!) Also, female drummers rock!

The second act and the closing act for me personally was Of Monsters And Men and bizarrely, it was the concert I've been the most prepared for. I knew pretty much all of the songs and I just adored it. The energy of the concert was absolutely fantastic; everyone danced along and it made me enjoy everything a lot more and even though we were practically covered with mud, the band made the evening really enjoyable and happy. All the songs were really well performed and it made us forget a bit of the technical troubles and yeah. Good performance, check them out!

I'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate everyone organising InMusic, because it was really amazingly organised, the staff was really nice, the acts were amazing, they tried their best and I really enjoyed myself. I think I can say that on behalf of others as well, so, happy birthday and to the next many years!

-Do not travel home on national holidays. Whatever you do, don't go home on national holidays otherwise you'll wait for about 2 hours for a twenty minute train ride home. I know. I've done it.
-Don't be afraid of making friends at festivals; there can be really amazing people!
-Karaoke tents rock.


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