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Here's a little thing you may have not known about me; I'm a rather big fan of baking and cooking. Usually, I'm the one baking deserts at family gatherings and I don't know whether is it because they're just being polite, but they're quite a success. Sometimes I take my own spins on things, sometimes I follow recipes and this time, it's been a bit of a mix and match. I've followed the recipe of the lovely Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup and well... they've been quite a success.
I'm not usually a fan of making biscuits or cookies, just because they're time consuming little eff's, but these were ridiculously easy and turned out absolutely fantastic. They're gooey and definitely not guilt-free, but because I had to celebrate the end of the school year with my roommate, I think I could have afforded something guilty-pleasure and here it is! I've thrown in some whole peanuts for the whole M&M's/Reese's vibe and yes... definitely recommend it!

Get the recipe here and enjoy the hell out of these cookies! 


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