Festival necessities.

*a.k.a. the only things you will really need.

Even though my first festival is truly well and over, the festival season is far from being over. In the three very awesome days at InMusic, I learnt a couple of things about festivals in general. This is a semi-muddy festival and I must say, I came highly unprepared. This is for everyone that's going to their first festival this summer and I hope you won't experience the same pain that I did.

Bedding from Ikea
For clothing, I only thought of three things that I think are an absolute necessity. First one being a pair of Wellies. These can be as cheap or as expensive as you want (if you have the budget to buy neon pink Hunter Wellingtons, then by all means). I got mine from a really dirt cheap store for 20€, which apparently, is not so bad. These will protect you from the mud and the rain and everything in between.
A good pair of trousers is never bad. Basically, when it started raining in Zagreb, the temperatures dropped like hell and me in my Harem pants equals fucking freezing. I think a pair of thick pants for the one obligatory rainy day is absolutely necessary.Also, don't forget a good pair of socks. It might be 30 degrees when it's nice and sunny, but it'll be 10 degrees while raining and you will freeze to death.
I don't have a good raincoat with me, but if you can get hold of something that looks like this, you will thank yourself so much. Most festivals have the "no umbrella" policy, so raincoats are your only way out. In the rain, there's no way to look glamorous, so just forget about the hipster-ish H&M for Coachella fashion, because it's no good. Trust me. I've experienced it.

Number one, dry shampoo. Ain't nobody got time to wash their hair on a festival.
Number two, sunscreen, preferably SPF 50. Sunburns are no fun.
Number three, pre-soaked makeup removal pads. These are an absolute godsend when you get to your hostel or tent or flat or whatever at three in the morning and you just want to sleep and be done with everything.
Number four, wipes. Because festival toilettes are notorious for their horrible state and the lack of toilet paper. Plus, they don't have any sinks to wash your hands. (also take some Kleenex and hand sanitizer, if at all possible)
Number five, some sort of oil or balm that you can use on your face and body. My parents got me this rose oil from Morocco and I've been using it on both my body and face and it works like a charm. A more easily available alternative is the good old Nivea Blue Tin.
Number six, deodorant. Because ain't nobody got time to smell of sweat and people around you will thank you for the absence of stink.

Ain't nobody got time to mess around with makeup, especially during festivals. All the makeup I wore for the entire three days was done in about five minutes without a single brush. For primer, I used the Balea Mattifying Face Fluid, just as a base for everything. For foundation I used a mixture of Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (130 Shell) and La Roche-Posay Hydreanne BB Cream (Medium). To conceal, I used the good old, trusty Revlon ColorStay Concealer (02 Light). For eyes, I painted a bit of Maybelline Colour Tattoo (35 On And On Bronze) all over the lid and applied a bit of Deborah Absolute Volume 24 Hour Waterproof Mascara on the lashes and Essence Kajal Pencil (04 White) on the waterline. If I wanted some more funky makeup, I smudged a bit of Catrice Eye Pencil Waterproof (Petrol and The Wolf) on the outer corners of the eyes for a pop of colour. Lips were kept very simple with a bit of the Essence XXXL Longlasting Lip Gloss with Matte Effect (06 Soft Nude).


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