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I have a little confession; I've never actually been an avid viewer of either Saturday Night Live and/or Parks and Recreations. Of course, I'm not living under a rock, I know the shows and vaguely what they're about, but I've just never gotten around to watching them or keeping up with them. (I also partially blame my horrifically slow wi-fi connection at home and in my students' hall. Oh well.)

However, I was kind of intrigued to buy and read this book, because I simply want to support females in mostly male-dominated industries. (Is that a good enough excuse? It better be.) Females in stand up comedy and in good comedy in general are such a rarity, but when you come around one, it's just pure gold. Having seen a couple of episodes of Parks and Recreation and kind of falling in love with Leslie for her personality, I decided that, perhaps, Yes Please might be a book that would be worth my time and effort to read.

(I picked this book up for my birthday and it retails for around 16€!)

Yes Please is a non-fiction book about Amy's life from the very beginning. It discusses her family life as a child, the life of her parents, growing up and sort of finding herself and learning the way to properly live. It talks about all the life lessons she's learnt (including one of my absolute favourites, the Good-For-You-Not-For-Me mantra, which is incredibly important in the industry of classical musicians and I appreciate it above anything) and how she's applying them to her daily life. It talks a lot about psychological issues that I think a lot of people will relate to, like depression and social anxiety, which is a very common issue for a lot of people. Basically, it's a book about everything she's learnt so far.

The thing that got me with this book is the way it's written; it feels like she's actually talking to you, like she's your best friend that came over on a sleepover and now, you exchange all the knowledge. It's written in a very humorous way and it openly discusses so many problems and it makes you feel alright to think about them and openly discuss them. I've never read a non-fiction book written in this way! It's so strange, because it's different. It genuinely feels like a (one-way) conversation that you can actually enjoy and get something out of. In fact, it's a conversation and it feels fucking awesome. (Also, let's just appreciate the fact that Amy discussed everything with no shame. What a champion!)

Let's keep it short and sweet; this book will probably the best investment you've ever made (asides from How To Be A Woman... and Bossy Pants... and Girl Boss. I massively digress!). Just go for it and enjoy every single bit of it. It's amazing. 5/5. Or more like infinity/5.


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