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(Apologies for not really keeping this blog up to date, it's not my finest hour, I know. I have been lacking inspiration and all the stuff, but as usual, when I really don't have the time and when school's about to start, I come up with many ideas, so hold up with me!)

I don't really know if anyone at all will be reading this, but I definitely have some things to say. Call it an open letter, if you will. It won't be a particularly negative one, because if you've been keeping up with my daily updates from this years' festival, then you'll probably know that I loved it to bits. It was an amazing first festival, because it was close to Slovenia, it was really affordable (if you got the early bird tickets, of course, but even after that, it was less than 50€ for 3 days, I think) and it wasn't difficult to find the place or find accommodation (although having a sister in an exchange programme does help).

Being a fan of the festival for less than a year, I don't know if they've had this "wishlist system" on their website earlier, but it's pretty freaking good. Obviously, I've already submitted a couple of ideas, but because you can't really explain your suggestions, I thought I'd do it in a blog post. Here we go!

My first suggestion was almost immediately Years & Years, because of many, many reasons. To sum it up really quickly, I think that their songs are real crowd pleasers. Even though their material hasn't been critically acclaimed in a very good way, I can't see past all the fans that actually love all of their songs. To be honest, who wouldn't want to dance around to all of those fucking fantastic tunes? Even if you don't know any of the songs, come on. Don't even try and deny the fact that they make you want to dance like crazy. I think that it would be a really good act for one of the stages. (Also if you need a bigger push, they were unable to perform at Croatia Rocks. I think this is another chance for you, InMusic. Take it!)

To think about it really quickly, InMusic really loves its rock (and indie rock) music in all of its glory. Although we all want to see the big names there (i.e. Muse and Arctic Monkeys and so on), that's a bit of a tough cookie to manage. They are some indie rock artists that I think could make the cut though (but what do I know, I just sit behind a computer all day with a bright green face mask on my face), and one of them could potentially be George Ezra. Because why the hell not? It's still that easy-going, carefree style of rock music that the masses love and adore, but it would please the rockers in the back as well. With new material on the way, apparently this autumn or something, I think it would be a match made in heaven, don't you?

Whilst on the subject of really big names that we want to see, but probably never will, I thought of Miles Kane. Call me stupid, if you will, but I can afford to chose one big name, can I? Even though I don't know if he's been performing at all in the past few years, but I know that there are a lot of Arctic Monkeys fans around here, and consequentially, The Last Shadow Puppets come into play and then obviously, my desired act. The music is a bit of a mash up between britpop and indie rock, with a bit of 1950's and 1960's rock thrown in there for good measure. It's something that a hell of a lot of people dig, myself included. If it's at all possible, then I think I won't be the only one grateful for that.

I think that with festivals in general, there aren't a lot of females performing or headlining, unless they are showing their butts half of the time (which I am not fond of). My suggestion for another really good female artist that should get a chance to perform is Lianne La Havas. I really don't know how to describe her and her music; it's so different to what we're used to. It's a mixture of soul with a bit of rock and indie and oh my good god, have you seen her live? I'd kill to be at one of those gigs. Again, I don't think I'll be the only one who would like her to come and play one of the stages, because I believe that she would probably please the older festival goers (and trust me, there were plenty of them).

And in the end, there's one band that I think should definitely make the cut; Walk The Moon. This is the one that will attract the masses (even the younger ones). Even though most people know them through their song Shut Up And Dance, they have more in store and they are brilliant. It's this really awesome, kind of sassy style of indie rock, maybe a tiny bit electronic at some moments, but not too overwhelming. Why not? Their songs kind of remind you of a love child of Imagine Dragons and Grouplove; really happy and upbeat and slightly electronic at the same time. Love it.

This is purely just my wishlist that would make me a very, very happy girl next year at InMusic. Even though I know most of these will not come true (because I believe that organisation is a bitch), but I will still come, no matter what. If you still haven't read my opinions on the festival, go right over here and do your homework; it's a fantastic festival, wonderfully organised, quite easily accessible and all around amazing. Just go for it; you won't regret it.


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