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If you don't know it, then shame on you I run a Tumblr blog on indie music (here's the link), on which I am close to 4,500 followers, which is insane (my home town has a 1000 residents... so 4.5 times the amount). I have an askbox, where my followers have suggested me plenty of bands to post about. Most of the time, I've listened to them and gone "yep, that'll do" and just added the band on the list of acts to blog about. But some of the time I've gone... "holy fuck."

These are those acts. (So, all the suggestions on the blog that I'm still listening to now)

Found here.
The first one that I remember just falling in love with was London Grammar. I've never been into that the XX-ish electronic music, to be honest, so at the beginning, I didn't really see the appeal, but then I just listened to it over and over and over again and fell deeply and madly in love with them. It's an indie electronica trio from London with ridiculously good lyrics and mellow beats that are amazing for listening to on a rainy day with a cup of tea and fairy lights on. Ugh, heaven.
Favourites: Devil Inside, Hey Now, Wasting My Young Years, Flickers, If You Wait. 

Found here.
After a while, someone recommended Saint Raymond to me and again, I just went "holy fuck". He's a solo artists with plenty of EP's out and a couple of songs, but all of them are absolutely fantastic. I sort of see why people connect his style to something in lieu of Ed Sheeran, but I'd also say that there's a bit of The 1975 in there, alongside Foals, Ben Howard and perhaps the melodies of George Ezra. Now, combine all of that and this is what you get. Absolutely fantastic lyrics, really catchy melodies and both feel good and slightly sad vibes. Meaning, right up my street.
Favourites: everything. The whole lot. Seriously.

Found here.
At the very beginning, someone recommended me Frank Turner. In the beginning, I just gave him a listen and thought: "yeah this'll do" and I just forgot about the music for a little while. But then, last year, when he released his Tape Deck Heart, his song Recovery kept on stalking me everywhere I went and when I googled it, I thought: "hey, I know this guy" I went and gave his other stuff a listen and just...fell in love. Seeing him live in Zagreb at InMusic Festival was absolutely amazing; just as much as his songs are great, the performances are fantastic and I highly recommend checking him out.
Favourites: Recovery, The Way I Tend To Be, Polaroid Picture, Four Simple Words, Plain Sailing Weather.

Found here.
In the early days, someone also popped in The Honey Trees. This is something that a lot of people will find very pleasing to the ears, because I think that it's just what people think indie music is nowadays and what it should be. It's very soft, guitary, kind of whispery, very lovely on the lyrics department, plus the fact that the visual image of the band is absolutely gorgeous. I bet my arse you've seen one of their photos on Tumblr and gone: "whoa, that's a gorgeous photo, let's reblog that!", because their style is just so recognisable and amazing and purely awesome. (Also, here's a review of their debut album that I reviewed sometime last year).
Favourites: Edelweiss, Moon River, To Be With You, Through Your Eyes

Found here.
Whoever recommended Tom Odell to me, I'll be eternally grateful to you. I don't know whether I've fallen in love with all of the songs by one artist so quickly ever before (well, apart from Saint Raymond, but let's not go into that). It's that piano rock with ridiculous lyrics (just listen to Sense. Or Grow Old With Me. Or anything for that matter) that just makes me go: "how the holy shit have I not heard of this guy before?" The music is so wonderful, the production, the lyrics, the everything. I even fell in love with his voice and the way he sings, that's how much I adore it. Just...check it out. Seriously. I adore him. Whoever recommended him to me, I bow to you.
Favourites: Grow Old With Me, Another Love, I Know, Sense, Hold Me, Can't Pretend, Storms

I should point out that my askbox is always open to take in new recommendations, so if you think that there's something you know I'd like, then please, do pop it in there, but other than that, thank you very much for sticking along through these long months of not updating this blog very regularly. I hope things will become a bit more regular sooner rather than later. I'll see you soon!
xxx Katherine


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