The only one you will need for Winter

Basically, I do not wear any other shoes during the winter time, apart from my Doc Martens. It has been like this for the last seven years or so (since I was 10-geez!). First, I wore my mum's old ones that were a bit worse for wear, but still in pretty damn good condition, seeing as they were 10 years old at that point. It didn't take long for me to start adoring these boots and for my 12th birthday, I got my own pair, which I've been wearing for about five years now. The style I opted for back then was the 1460, which is still the standard model that I and many other people adore (although I do have my eye on the 2976 Chelsea... one day).

However, because I've worn them for about a gazillion years (and haven't been the nicest to them), one of the boots started leaking and the moment I stepped into a puddle, my foot would just be wet as if I've stepped into a I think that was the sign that new ones were to be bought.

And so, this time, I opted for the classical 1460, made out of slightly thinner leather and so far, absolutely no complaints. They are a fantastically made pair of boots, very sturdy and just a complete classic in the shoe industry.

This can easily dress the look down and give it a slightly grungier twist (it looks absolutely killer with slightly distressed jeans and a tank-top-plaid-shirt combo-let's go kick some butt! Or you could wear it with a dress, because that would look wicked as well!). It is definitely not the pair for you if you wear very classy and elegant clothing, but I doubt you couldn't find something on the website that would suit you. (*hint* 2976 Chelsea *hint*)

They come with a hefty price tag (these were 140€, so not the cheapest pair of shoes in the universe), but if you plan on looking after them, then they could easily last you another 10 years.

An investment, I call it.


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